NHMS Newsletter: April 2022


Dear Beekeepers,
Wishing you all well.
I wanted to quickly write to say that we will have a poster at the BBKA Spring Convention; taking place later this week at Harper Adams University. Please do come, say hello and see what we have been up to.
Also, to make it clear that 2021 results are not yet uploaded. Sequencing is underway and we anticipate they will be ready May/June - you will be informed via email as soon as they go live. We will upload the 2km habitat data at the same time.

Finally, a reminder that we do not send out packs automatically. Please follow the instructions below.

Requesting a sample pack:

Create an online user account on our website https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk. This only needs to be done once and enables us to have an account we can report your results to. We also ask for your address so we can send sample packs to you. No personal data is ever shared.
Log on and visit your 'Taking part' tab, click on ‘request a sample pack’ and follow the instructions to create a submission. We only ask a couple of questions, importantly location, to enable a pack request. This needs to be done every time you desire a new sample pack.

Currently we allow 2 samples/beekeeper a year and the 1st needs to be returned before the 2nd sample pack can be dispatched. This second sample could be from an alternative location if you wish.
Details on how to collect a sample are included within each sample pack (also, https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/nhms-2022-sample-pack-letter). 

Cut off dates for 2022
Sample pack requests: Friday 7th October
Sample packs can be requested at any time however, those after the October cut-off date will not be sent out until the following year.
Sample pack returns: Friday 4th November
Any samples arriving after this date will be archived only. Unused sample packs can be kept and used in any subsequent year.

Please visit our FAQs page (https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/taking-part/faq) or email honey@ceh.ac.uk.
I hope to see some of you at the weekend.

Best wishes,

Dr Anna Oliver and the NHMS Team