NHMS Newsletter: March 2021

Newsletter March 2021

Dear all,
I hope this newsletter finds you well. I promised a quick progress update at the end of February so here you go....

NHMS 2020 results
Laboratory work is going well. All DNA extractions have been completed for those honey samples undergoing plant DNA barcoding. Further, the plant DNA signatures have been successfully amplified for the vast majority of extracted DNA samples. Amplicon libraries are now being prepared for next generation sequencing. Once sequencing has been completed it will take a while to carry out data processing and preparation of your individual results. Consequently, we anticipate that these will be made available in May.

We are also going to make the land use/habitat data available at the same time as the molecular data. These are ready but we decided it makes more sense to upload all results at the same time to avoid confusion.

Taking part in NHMS 2021
We have had over 350 pack requests so far (thank you), which are being prepared. Packs will start being dispatched in a couple of weeks. If you have requested one, once it has been dispatched you will be informed via an automated email.

Sample packs can be requested via the ‘Taking part’ tab once you have logged into your account at https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/. This needs to be done every time you require a new sample pack however, sample packs from last year are still valid and can be used.

Instructions are provided within each sample pack also, https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/nhms-2021-sample-pack-letter

Please visit our FAQs page (https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/taking-part/faq) or email honey@ceh.ac.uk.

We look forwards to receiving lots more honey this year!

With very best wishes for a productive year,

Anna Oliver and the rest of the NHMS team