NHMS Newsletter: July 2021

National Honey Monitoring Scheme: Newsletter July 2021

I hope this newsletter finds you and your bees well.

It was a pretty cold and wet beginning to the season and consequently we received significantly fewer samples back this spring. However, returns are picking up and we have had over 350 samples back so far – thank you. The lab is a very sweet smelling, and occasionally sticky, place again!

Still, I would like to give a gentle reminder to participants to return your 2021 honey when you are ready. There have been over 1200 sample packs dispatched this year, so over 800 awaiting return!

For your interest, the pie chart (attached below) shows the distribution of samples received so far this year.


Cut off dates

Sample pack requests: Friday 8th October

Sample packs can be requested at any time however, those after the October cut-off date will not be sent out until the following year.

Sample pack returns: Friday 5th November

Any samples arriving after this date will be archived only.

Sample packs can be requested via the ‘Taking part’ tab once you have logged into your account at https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/. This needs to be done every time you require a new sample pack however, sample packs from last year are still valid and can be used.

Instructions are provided within each sample pack also, https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/nhms-2021-sample-pack-letter


Please visit our FAQs page (https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/taking-part/faq) or email honey@ceh.ac.uk.


Best wishes,


Dr Anna Oliver and the NHMS Team